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Ranch Raised Hangus Beef

Ranch Raised Hangus Beef

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Our cattle is raised here at the Simply Country Ranch.

We raise Scottish Highland & Black and Red Angus Cattle.

We choose to cross these breeds for various reasons, Scottish Highlands are known for having a lean, well-marbled, that ensures tenderness with a very rich flavor. Highland beef is healthy and nutritious with lower levels of fat and cholesterol and a higher protein and iron content compared to other beef. Although, they are a smaller cattle breed.

This is why we choose to cross our cattle with Angus cattle, this allows for a wonderful flavor, protein, but includes a larger size of cattle.

Best of both worlds! Hangus Beef (Highland/Angus)

Our cattle are raised on grass fed pastures and during the winter we supplemented their pasture grass with native hay and 20% protein cattle cubes from Big V Feeds. Since the grass has grown back, the cattle are continuing to graze on pasture grass until harvesting.

If you have further questions about how our cattle are raised, please ask.

Purchasing today ensures your beef, we will be in touch for when your beef will be ready, as we are going to harvest cattle in May 2023.

Size: Hang weight approximately, 580lbs, this means you will receive about 60% of the weight in beef. 

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Lauren Denny 208-863-862

7838 krebs lake rd mcalester, ok 74501(bugtussle)

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