Rodeo Date Night Outfit

Rodeo Date Night Outfit

Ben and I DON’T go on dates…unless it’s to the barn to feed animals, the grocery store, or Lowe’s for lumber for our sign shop…

It’s just the truth, we are fortunate enough to have a great deal of hang out time on a daily basis here at the ranch + when Ben is tremendously limited to where and what he can eat, the possibility of him getting sick by trying a new restaurant… just isn’t worth it. Okay, twist my arm, there’s more reasons, I don’t like driving, I loathe leaving the ranch, and we live far from just about everything…. but ever so often there’s a special event calling our name… the name is Professional Bull Riding Rodeo Night!

Can’t beat a good night out full of adventure… want to know something fun, our first date, he took me to a rodeo and whispered….”one day, I want to ride a bull.” 8 years later, he whispered on the night of the rodeo….”Now that we have bulls… I do not want to ride one.”

Oh how things have changed! Bulls are big, bulls are powerful, and those cowboys are frankly…. CRAZY!

I enjoy going to the rodeo, I like the sport that it is such a mutual respect for the rider and the animal. The riders have passion, technique, and wow what a sport. Have you been to a bull riding event or any other rodeo?

Here’s the scoop to get the look! All Amazon one stop shop + affordable finds for your date night outfit! Now you know, I don’t buy real turquoise and I try to find the stretchiest low priced jeans, secret is out!

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