Life lessons from those you meet

I believe it’s the people you meet that impact you greatly.
Meet Kenneth Hill. He has a custom mill company in McAlester that he has helped supply us with beautifully, unique woods for @simplystainedshop cutting boards, our dining table, fencing, and now the @simplycountryranch barn remodel.
Outside of work, Kenneth shares his knowledge, I sit and soak it all in as he shares how his dad grew potatoes and that you can store them in your barn all winter under a pile of hay. He shares stories of how to gold mine, how he deeply cares for his wife, how he…. And so on and so on… you see, this man has a few extra wrinkles, his hat is worn, and that does not stop this man from dreaming without end, what an honor it is to know the man and soak in his knowledge, I only hope to have the life lessons and passion he does at his age.
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